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I have just created the, "Members Only Club", in which you will get 1500+ Plus Awesome Video Guitar Lessons just to get started. I am going to be adding fresh content weekly to this ever growing guitar instruction library.

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My Method
Being a full time guitar teacher has given me the insight on what students of all ages need to achieve their guitar goals.
By keeping the guitar lessons entertaining my students have told me they can't wait to work on the plans I outline for them. Based on the many emails I receive daily, many of you are fired up to achieve your guitar goals - and that you want to get better TODAY
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If you look under the logo at the top left of this page you will see a Blue menu Bar. Click on any of the categories to view the lessons arranged by whatever section of your guitar playing you want to improve. Once you choose the category of lesson you will see a selection of easy to use & fun guitar lessons to supercharge your guitar skills. Use the contact link to send me your guitar lesson video requests.
Money Back
If you try out my site and for any reason are not 100% stoked I will give you a full refund no questions asked.

I am all about teaching and helping my students grow. If you found my guitar teaching style is not for you, do not worry it is all good,

Thanks Marty