The two guitar lesson videos below are available to my friends only, these are not on Youtube.

New Blues Guitar Lick

New Video Jam Track to Practice Your Guitar licks to

I Just released my new 4 DVD Blues guitar lesson set
with a special 4 pack price for my friends:

Blues 4 DVD Pack

Blues DVD 1

The first blues DVD is nearly 2 hours in length. Marty goes over the lesson plan in the DVD Intro module.

Jump right in to the 12 bar blues, broken down step by step have alot of fun playing along with Marty in the DVD section Marty then teaches all the important Blues Turnaround this takes your blues playing to a whole new level.

As you progress through this DVD Marty unleashes more Blues tricks and techniques. To finish up the Blues DVD 1 Marty breaks out some awesome guitar licks and beginning solo techniques.

Blues DVD 2

Marty lays out the plan of attack for the second DVD of the series. Marty expands on the 12 bar blues with more advanced rhythms and tricks.

Marty goes over some new awesome Blues chords to give you many styles including Jimi Hendrix and other greats. The DVD progesses to early rock Chuck Barry style Rhythms and Blues runs. This DVD is also almost 2 full hours with no breaks.

Marty moves on to various styles of Blues including the super popular Texas influenced Blues The DVD includes play along Jam Tracks and a bunch more cools guitar licks and advanced blues turnarounds.

Blues DVD 3

Marty keeps the learning machine in high gear and takes your Blues Guitar playing to the next level with the latest DVD in the series.

This DVD is focused on Blues licks & Jam Tracks. Play along with Marty as he break down 9 awesome new guitar licks.

Marty goes into some music theory but do not worry he makes it fun and you will laugh the whole way. This DVD is nearly 2 hours in length 117 minutes of pure guitar learning fun.

Blues Solo DVD

Wow another almost 2 full hours of Blues Solo styles and techniques. Marty introduces you to the game plan of this DVD what your goals should be.

Marty will teach you how to master the guitar neck with simple ways to learn the notes on the neck and more. Marty blasts you with a new arsenal of blues licks and techniques.

The next section of the DVD is Blues music theory, Marty makes it fun and easy to learn the nuts and bolts behind the blues, The Solo Blues DVD will take you playing up to the next level and best all all you will have fun doing it.

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