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Hey, Marty Here,

It used to drive me absolutely nuts when watching my favorite country guitar players rip it up.

I would ask myself, "How can these guys keep blazing through a seemingly endless variety of licks and riffs?"

Turns out there was a reason which had escaped me. And it's actually the missing piece to your playing...
I promise that once you "get" this, your skill level will leap forward like you won't believe.

Let's get back to those country licks for a second, the ones you can't figure out …

Let's say you've just watched Brad Paisley string together an amazing country solo on his Fender Telecaster and you're going, "What WAS that?" So you sit down and try to recreate that licks and riffs, and you just can't figure it out.

But why not? I mean, you KNOW you have the correct guitar scales because you bought the official guitar tab for the song . . . but SOMEthing is out of whack. So you scour country tabs on the Internet, dig through country guitar magazines, but you just cannot figure out the special stylized Licks that will let you "into" that artist's signature sound.

Well, I am going to let you in on the big secret that they know and you don't (but you will very shortly). And seriously, once you DO know, your playing will explode and you will be "Wowing" your friends and family every time you pick up the guitar.

The "Big Secret" starts with this one very simple truth:
If you only know the standard guitar scales, it is going to be super-difficult to hold the audience's attention.That's just a fact, sorry.

Hey, if it was that easy, then EVERYONE would have their own professional gig by now, right?? By the way, ALL THE BIG COUNTRY MUSIC STARS KNOW THIS. (And now you will, too.)

So how do you get there YOURSELF so that you can not only duplicate whatever special country lick or riff you love hearing from your favorite players, but start creating your OWN?

Simple. You gain access to a treasure trove of coveted country guitar techniques and embellishments, a guitar lick creating system that is so easy you will be able to MULTIPLY in a few minutes what you know already into COUNTLESS spectrum of country riffs & licks!

Seriously, this is how you get from here ... to "THERE" really, really fast. This is such an exciting breakthrough that I created a full-on DVD course to teach this to you personally with my good friend & country guitar Insider Bob Ryan.

I'm calling this method, "Sizzling Country Licks". And I've made it part of a 3-DVD set that will allow you to multiply the variety of country licks and riffs in your arsenal.


  • Learn why many country guitar players are often duped into overusing this famous technique. (How to use it the RIGHT way and when in your solos)

  • The single most IMPORTANT RIFF you MUST KNOW that will almost instantly supercharge your country playing

  • How to banish any seeds of doubt before you get onstage by having these 3 must-know "go-to" licks in your back pocket

  • Revealed: How to take the most ripped-off country lick of all time & make it sound like YOU made a guitar breakthrough

  • 3 techniques used by Country Guitar Superstar Brad Paisley that are amazingly easy to implement

  • Something crucial (and unusual) you must do to increase your finger speed and fretboard dexterity

  • Discover a wickedly effective but little known riff (that will transform an ordinary solo to a jaw dropping show stopper

  • Use this "kick-the-door-down" method of smashing out of the "DREADED BOX" on the guitar neck

  • Why you should NEVER EVEN THINK of playing trying this guitar bend unless you have mastered this 2 step technique

  • How to quickly & easily overcome the single most difficult problem facing aspiring country guitarists today

  • Make your fingers dance across the freeboard with laser precision when working on your chicken picking chops

  • Why adding the "BLUE NOTE" to your hot country licks will cold cock your competition in a solo battle

  • 2 Raw but READY country runs to add to your arsenal (These are HOTSHOT styling are used by Vince Gil & recording studio GIANT Brent Mason)

The Fascinating Story Of
How "Country Guitar Secrets" Were Uncovered

Let me tell you how these country guitar secrets were uncovered . . .

Tucked away in a nook of a sleepy little town in Southern California is a guitar shop like no other.

Located just off County Highway S11, you'd never guess you were just a few miles away from some of the priciest oceanfront real estate on the pristine Pacific coastline.

That's 'cuz the road has a bit of an Old West feeling as you drive your rig past a funky, 1950s-style diner called Bobby's Hideaway Café.

And THEN . . . looking like a cross between on old wood-sided hay barn and an Industrial warehouse is this famed guitar shop — with a huge CRAZY 20-foot CHICKEN perched on the ROOF!

Huh? It's actually a famous local landmark … and serves immediate notice that you are about to enter no ordinary place . . .

Most first-timers will stop a few feet just inside the doorway with their mouths agape. Draped along the walls are hundreds of hand-crafted acoustic guitars that take your breath away — everything from vintage classics to multi-thousand dollar masterpieces.

As you head to the second floor you are floored by the quantity and quality of the magical instruments, displayed as if you had entered a museum. (And you have in a sense, yet all are available for a price.)

Small wonder that this store is actually known the world over by serious guitar collectors.

Now here's where it gets really interesting . . .

For many years, this local guitar shop has been a "must-stop event" for professional touring musicians from all over the world.

And the sales crew has always been manned by a group of super-knowledgeable staff of well-respected local guitar players looking to supplement their income between gigs.

One of those lucky sales pros was named Bob Ryan, a well-known country guitar player in Southern California. Bob was dedicated to helping the store's high-end clients, who included touring musicians, recording artists, and music industry mavens.

Bob was on of the most requested guitar consultants at the store because he gave off a positive feel-good vibe in all aspects of music, ranging from creating his own monster licks to sharing his wealth of guitar knowledge.

Most importantly, Bob was privy to many late night "after hours" closed door jam sessions in the secret back room studio of the store.

A few ice cold brews were shared along with something much more important: You see, Bob was let into that super exclusive club and was given carte blanche access to a massive secret collection of techniques and styles that had thrilled worldwide country music audiences for decades.

You must also know that it was far from a one-way street.

You see, Bob was so talented, and had soaked up so many little-known techniques and tricks for so long from household-name guitarists, that HE often became the teacher in these informal back room sessions.

It was instantly clear that once Bob touched his Fender Strat and started to play, that he had as much to offer as any of the country musical legends that happened to be jamming with him at the time.

Over the years, too many amazing riffs and licks to count where shared in these closed door "mastermind" jam sessions.

Quite literally, Bob Ryan reaped an "insider-only", Masters-level guitar education from the greatest set of teachers you could imagine, the insane number of country guitar gurus who made it a point to visit this country guitar mecca.

And now Bob has decided to share these techniques with you. He's taken the absolute BEST OF THE BEST country Chickin Pickin, Riffs Licks & guitar tricks in put them all together for you in a truly awesome 3 DVD Country Guitar package.

Here's What YOU Get Inside
"Guitar Soloing 4 DVD Set"

Guitar Soloing 4 DVD Set:

The lessons in my new Guitar Solo 4 DVD Set starts off covering the bedrock of all guitar scales the minor pentatonic series of shapes. You will be shown a series of amazing licks to be played over this scale (which by the way is the favored scale used extensively by the lead guitar Legend Slash formerly of Guns N' Roses).

You will then learn all the shapes of the next super important tool to add to your soloing arsenal called the modes. Using the modes in your lead guitar playing will open up a whole new world of sound to your blistering solo's.

Create melodic solo's up and down the whole guitar neck.

Carlos Santana implements full scale modes in much of his amazing guitar playing. You will also learn to combine elements of Blues guitar playing with half step shapes to add that melodic extra sound.

The modal scale shapes are used in all genres from classic rock to Metallica it is super important that you get these down cold. The modal techniques will be covered with relevant examples to get your solo's rocking faster than you ever thought possible.

In this amazing 4 dvd set I also dedicate 1 full DVD to the Mixolydian scale for guitar soling. These techniques are applied in Jazz & Blues guitar playing I will break down all the shapes of this scales with the most commonly used chord progressions to play your solos over.

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BONUS 1: Full 30 Day Site Membership

Choose lessons from a broad spectrum of guitar styles including rock, blues, jazz, reggae, fingerstyle, metal, and more.

You will learn guitar chords, scales, rhythm & strumming patterns, JAM Tracks and Music Theory.

You will be encouraged with practice exercises and taught several styles of acoustic & electric guitar playing.

This Full Monthly Membership to the website has a retail value of $29.00

BONUS 2: 15 Awesome New Jam Tracks CD

Could there be a better tool to help you master your guitar solos than Jamtracks inspired by your favorite artists? I don't think so...

This CD is over 60 minutes in length & contains 15 of the most sought after backing tracks on the market today.

These play along Jam tracks were Inspired by Blues greats such as Stevie Ray, BB King. Rock Legends Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and many more. These play along backing tracks will keep you inspired & make practicing alot of fun:

  • Soulful Southern Blues Backing track
    3 minutes 54 seconds
  • Led Zeppelin Rock Inspired Jam Track
    4 minutes 28 seconds
  • AC DC inspired 1980's Rock backing track
    4 minutes 14 seconds
  • 90's Pearl Jam flavored play along Jam track
    4 minutes 3 seconds
  • Inspired Blues Jam track in the Key of A
    3 minutes 41 seconds
  • Slow Tempo Blues in the Key of E
    3 minutes 15 seconds
  • Play along Jam Track inspired by the Man in Black
    4 minutes 18 seconds
  • Funky Minor Blues in Key of G great learning tool
    3 minutes 29 seconds
  • Hard Rock Play along Jam track in Key of E
    3 minutes 55 seconds
  • Sad Slow Blues Backing Track in Key of B
    4 minutes 27 seconds
  • Play along Blues nice easy tempo great for beginners
    4 minutes 13 seconds
  • Slow Rock Backing Track awesome practice tool
    4 minutes 6 seconds
  • Alternative Rock Jam track Key of A
    4 minutes 14 seconds
  • Soft Rock Play along John Mayer inspired
    4 minutes 49 seconds
  • Super Fun Southern Rock Jam track
    4 minutes 10 seconds

This special DVD has normally a retail value of $24.95

BONUS 3: Best of The Best Guitar Soloing lesson DVD

This DVD is a collection of my highest rated and most compelling lessons detailing how you can really solo on the guitar.

Use this learning tool to guide and inspire you to break out of the box. Take your guitar playing to places you never thought possible.

This special DVD has normally a retail value of $24.95

BONUS 4: Soloing Theory DVD 1

This DVD of the set builds upon our previous instruction. We will expand on our previous lesson covering Intervals, Key & Chords and open up how to use "Modes".

We will apply these modes to real world chord progressions. As you progress through this DVD Marty unleashes more music theory tips and techniques.

This special DVD has normally a retail value of $24.95

BONUS 5: Soloing Theory DVD 2

Marty expands on using the Mode Scales but most importantly you will learn how to understand & apply them to your Guitar solo's.

You will also learn additional techniques allowing you recognize chord progressions in songs.

This special DVD has normally a retail value of $24.95

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Let me make this easy for you.

I am going to give you a full 12 Month No Questions asked return policy on any of my DVD's. Put them to practice and watch yourself playing guitar and having fun in the shortest amount of time possible.

Get started rocking out today, I cannot wait to hear about your progress

You do not risk anything by ordering now.

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I Wish You Success and NOTHING less,

Marty Schwartz
Creator - Guitar Soloing 4 DVD Set

P.P.S. Just so you know, I'm a real person and I really love to teach you. Here is my information just to prove it to you:

Marty Schwartz
310 South Twin Oaks Valley
San Marcos CA 92078-4387

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