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  • Learn to tap into the wickedly effective 13th chords which will create a wall of sound during your Blues Turnaround, these chords are extensively used by ALL the top Blues masters.
  • Every Blue Guitar player needs to come to the land of A7... your blues guitar journey takes unexpected twists & turns in this learning module: Super Easy to implement
  • The simple little tip that automatically insures you pick with pinpoint accuracy. (John Mayer has this down cold- it's the reason he is one of the hottest young blues players on the scene to day)
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Learn To Play Blues Guitar Solo's

How Blues Players implement this hot new lick in their blistering solos

Secret #21 How To Master the Blues Scale in under 30 minutes. You'll be amazed by this quick tip. Secret #13 Discover the one thing
that beginner Blues Guitar players
often overlook and how to quickly master this cool trick.
Secret #8 The 3 most important
blues guitar chords & how to use
them in your 12 bar Blues. them

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